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Triple Helix of human Flourishing

How to make kindness your default response

How Love becomes unconditional and compassion flows as naturally as breathing

A quality much needed in a divided world but not often encountered is compassion. Compassion is a way of connecting the love and self-awareness within yourself to another person.

Overcoming the myth of Seperatedness

In the context of leadership, separation manifests as leadership by domination—those trying to achieve power over others rather than finding power with others. Albert Einstein reflected on the place of human beings in the universe.

50 Short Habits of Lifelong Learners

Successful lifelong learners nurture their intellectual curiosities. Helen Keller, Einstein, Confucius, da Vinci, Richard Feynman, and many of history’s geniuses were lifelong learners. They were self-learners. They never settled but were committed.

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