Enhancing human flourishing
Sharing the collected wisdom of humanity
Facilitating a new age of enlightenment
Promoting compassion for all
Highlighting the beauty in diversity

Mission Statement

The UEF’s mission is to enhance human flourishing by ushering humanity into an era of universal enlightenment. The UEF’s work focuses on integrating wisdom of the timeless philosophical and ethical traditions from around the world, the latest findings in the social and physical sciences, and insights gained and validated through direct experiences. Because this wisdom still remains in silos separated by time, geography, and traditions, our hope is to facilitate the much-needed process of weaving together all of these threads. The UEF will serve as a forum for a robust dialogue exploring diverse viewpoints aimed at achieving Human Flourishing. Through written and oral communication on a variety of platforms, symposia, and social media channels, we will be collaborating with other organizations and our audiences to disseminate the tools humanity needs to flourish.

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A musical introduction to Love, Learn, and Play

The Los Angeles based artist Lucy and La Mer composed and recorded this song, inspired by the concept of flourishing through Love, Learning and Play. Her music encourages us to check in with ourselves at the end of each day to see whether we loved, learned, and played. The light ukulele rhythm provides a soothing background to her beautiful vocals and wise lyrics. The accompanying music video, composed by our team, reminds us of what it looks like to flourish.

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