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We are a 503(c) nonprofit organization founded by Harvard University alumni and affiliates, and dedicated to enhancing human flourishing. While our progress in the fields of math, philosophy, law, medicine, science, and technology is nothing short of miraculous, we have yet to make progress in human flourishing: people are feeling increasingly unfulfilled and unsatisfied with their lives, even while enjoying improved material conditions.

As a society, we are in a better position to tackle this challenge than ever before: with the power of the internet and internet-enabled platforms to communicate with a global audience, we are limited only by our willingness to learn and collaborate with each other.

In order to achieve our full potential as a species, we will need new institutions such as UEF to encourage and facilitate this collective learning.

Please join us, as this is our effort together.

Follow our blog posts on this website and on our Medium.com page: https://medium.com/@universalenlightenmentforum
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