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We are a 503(c) nonprofit organization founded by Harvard University alumni and affiliates, and dedicated to enhancing human flourishing by ushering humanity into a new and universal enlightenment based on integrating knowledge and wisdom from across all disciplines and all times and places throughout human history. 

The amount of knowledge we have acquired about our world through progress in math, philosophy, law, medicine, science, and technology is nothing short of miraculous, considering our species’ recent origins and our humble beginnings as hunter-gatherers. Yet we have not yet made commensurate progress in human flourishing. The problem is that this knowledge is fragmented and sits mostly in silos of different institutions as well as in our minds and there are very inadequate institutional arrangements for integration.

We believe that the next generation has been waking up to the flaws in our current social narratives on flourishing. They are asking the timeless existential questions, but are not finding satisfactory answers through science, traditional religions or modern religions-democracy, capitalism, competition, or consumption. We want to provide a framework which gathers insights that may be as old as recorded history or as new as the latest findings from neuroscience which, when put together, amount to healthier narratives and mindsets that empower each one of us individually to flourish to our full potential.

In order to achieve this, we will need new institutions, such as this one, but more importantly, we will need a mass awakening of consciousness at the individual level. We are well-positioned to take on this massive task, as we can harness the power of the internet and internet-enabled platforms to communicate with a global audience. 
Please join us, as this is our effort together. 

Follow our blog posts on this website and on our Medium.com page: https://medium.com/@universalenlightenmentforum
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