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The mindset to  engage in love, learn, and play in anything and everything we do is the very simple and universally applicable framework for flourishing that we stumbled across as we were distilling insights from  a broad array of religions, philosophy, social sciences, neuroscience, and more. Findings from these disciplines of knowledge prove that we don’t flourish thanks to our achievements, the size of our bank accounts, or our important job titles. There’s nothing wrong with having or wanting any of those things, but we’ve been brainwashed to believe those things make us happy. These are means to our ultimate ends, which we believe to be engaging with our deepest longings of loving, learning and playing. We drift away from this path as we grow due to a phenomenon called means and ends inversion, wherein means become our ends. This happens because we start to live our lives compulsively, driven by social pressures and false narratives and not consciously guided by our true nature. UEF serves as a forum to help us all learn to live consciously by shining a light on the authentic human self which lies beyond the veil of artificial beliefs and narratives that have been imposed upon us by external forces. The LLP mindset is compatible with all existing religions and other belief systems, just like a software that is universally compatible with all operating systems.

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Book Initiative

We are in the process of writing a flagship book, which lays out all the elements of what we call the "LLP mindset." In it, we summarize what we have learned from different sources of knowledge, integrating wisdom of the timeless philosophical and ethical traditions from around the world, the latest findings in the social and physical sciences, and insights gained and validated through direct experiences.

The core effort in this book initiative is to understand that if we are selected to Love, Learn, and Play, then why don’t we? The key insight from our work so far in answering this question is that we fall victim to “false narratives” and a phenomenon called “means-ends inversion” (MEI). We show how our insights have been backed up by the latest research in fields like psychology and neuroscience, and we translate these research findings into a more digestible and relatable narrative. 

During our growing up process, our authentic self gets buried under the weight of social pressures and the dominant false narratives of our respective societies. We develop a “socialized self” that is led astray from our core pursuits of loving, learning and playing. We refer to this life trajectory as “compulsive living,” in which we are not the masters of our own destiny and hence we continually choose to pursue what we are taught to pursue through false narratives. Among the most pervasive false narratives are those which tell us that we will be happy and fulfilled if we pursue things like money and fame and power. By shining a light on all of this, our book will show readers how to escape false narratives and reverse means-ends inversion so as to reconnect with the authentic self and start living more consciously. 

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Musical Creativity as Love, Learning, and Play

World-renowned musician Adam Rudolph writes about how closely his own creative work aligns with the UEF values of love, learning, and play. An inspiring meditation on music, creativity, and LLP.

Job Crafting and LLP (Love, Learn, Play)

Donald Frederick, PhD in psychology, outlines a new framework by which we can flourish at work, no matter what our jobs may be.

How COVID-19 Is Unmasking Our Humanity

Faced with the most serious global crisis most of us have ever experienced, examples of Love, Learn, and Play (LLP) are everywhere.

The Silver Lining Behind the COVID Threat

Without diminishing the severity of the damage this pandemic is causing, we can still hold onto hope for a positive outcome.

Love, Learn, Play: The Triple Helix of Human Flourishing

At the root of our existential drive lives a steady core: loving, learning, and playing (LLP). The big existential questions to which we seek answers are our minds’ way of bringing to our attention these drives, just as thirst and hunger are our bodies’ way of bringing to our attention our need for drink or food.


This is a selection of excerpts from our forthcoming book on LLP. Enjoy!

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