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Our Vision

By integrating the wisdom of the timeless philosophical and ethical traditions, new frontiers in scientific research, and insights gained and validated through lived experiences from across the globe, we can help to usher humanity into an era of universal enlightenment to enhance true human flourishing.

Our Mission

The UEF’s work focuses on the research and dissemination of ideas around human flourishing and religious literacy.

We will make this happen by bridging silos of knowledge and wisdom across time, geography, religion and culture.

Through writing, research and collaborating with other like-minded organisations, we are dedicated to facilitating the preservation and integration of human knowledge - and to maximizing human flourishing.

Our key insight is that we can truly flourish simply by engaging in Love, Learn and Play in everything that we do.

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3. In the Spotlight: our latest endeavors

LOVE LEARN PLAY by Lucy & La Mer for UEF

Los Angeles based artist Lucy & La Mer composed and recorded this original song, inspired by the core UEF concept that to flourish is to Love, Learn, and Play. Accompanying video created by UEF. At the end of the day - did you love, did you learn, did you play?

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