To Flourish is to Love Learn & Play

Love, Learn and Play

Scholars from across disciplines and  leaders of all faiths have battled with fundamental questions of good and evil, truth and falsehood, right and wrong, life and death, the meaning of life, the purpose of our existence, and how to live a fulfilled life. While distilling through the vast array of these approaches, a beautifully simple insight began to emerge and we found a vision which emphasizes a common universality for all humans. In our view, "To Flourish is to Love, Learn & Play”.

We believe that the  deepest and most fundamental longings within all of us are only three--to LOVE, to LEARN, and to PLAY (LLP)--and that if we approach everything in life with an LLP mindset, we will truly flourish.

What do we need to flourish? When we reflect upon our lives, the moments we look back on most fondly are those moments when we were ultimately loving, learning, or playing.

In order to flourish, we don’t need impressive job titles, flashy accessories, or large bank accounts. Socially incentivized materialistic pursuits function as means to an end; ends which the UEF believes to be the deep human longings of Loving, Learning and Playing.

The UEF continues to write articles and curate content related to LLP to explore and demonstrate how the framework of Love, Learn and Play is applicable across cultures, ethical traditions and other belief systems. Like a universally compatible software for human existence; To Flourish is to Love, Learn and Play. This is what it means to truly live well and to thrive.

Why despite so much material progress in the world have we not had commensurate progress in human flourishing? This is the key question behind our mission at UEF. Every human being is meant to live in a state of physical, mental and social well-being. We are meant to flourish—to grow and blossom to our full potential. To be human is to not only seek pathways that lead to flourishing but to actually flourish. Our goal is to empower every individual to flourish to his or her full potential.We offer the Love Learn & Play Mindset, a unique, simple and powerful framework to empower each one of us individually to rediscover and reconnect with love, learning, and play in order to flourish to our full potential. The topics below offer opportunities for reflecting upon what some of the wisest individuals throughout human history have had to say about flourishing, and how their words of wisdom relate to our own framework of flourishing through loving, learning, and playing.


The Book

Our first book deals with the eminent matter of human flourishing.

From our work so far, a key insight for the UEF is that as humans we are honed, through natural selection or by design, to Love, Learn and Play.

So why do we not? The book studies this question in detail. Our preliminary finding is that as a species, we fall victim to false narratives and a phenomenon called "means-ends inversion" (MEI.) We develop a "socialized self" which comes to dominate over the authentic self. Resultingly we are led from our core drives of loving, learning and playing.

We refer to this life trajectory as "compulsive living", and have crafted a simple, streamlined solution for conscientious, intentional living, to rejoin the natural path of true human flourishing.

Embracing the LLP mindset actualizes the authentic self. With enlightenment comes the clarification of our essential human nature as deeply longing for Love, Learn and Play. Our book will share our findings and guide the reader to pursuing a life of Love, Learn & Play in actuality.


This is a selection of excerpts from our forthcoming book on LLP. Enjoy!

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